Private Lessons

Like a personal trainer or a tutor, private lessons are highly recommended for dancers of all levels (even beginners and instructors) who are serious about improving their dancing and want the most value for their money. This one-on-one personal feedback is by far the most effective and efficient method of learning. We can give you access to technique and strategies not readily available from most instructors. We can help you create new possibilities in your dancing, at your own pace, your own level, and in your own style.

About our teaching style

Our Swing Literacy Development Method is different from the traditional method of teaching dance. It uses a skill development approach, unique to WCS, but very common in sports. Prepare to hear a whole new perspective. Regardless of the purpose of the lesson, we build skills from the ground up, correcting any foundational issues along the way.  The advice, corrections, and drills we offer are based on years of experimenting to find the most effective methods to teach body mechanics and efficient movement, not based on our opinions. We often use a Socratic method: rather than spoon-feeding instructions, we use questioning techniques to guide students to develop skills organically, which makes them learn faster and “feel” better. These techniques tend to be more interactive and require more engagement from the student. We put the student at ease by offering encouragement and solutions without artificial ego-stroking: we prefer to get right to the source of the issue so you get full value for your time.

How to Book

LIVE, at Dance Events:

To ensure availability, email to request appointments in advance, but feel free to approach us at the event.

OnlinelessonsOnline, via Skype or FaceTime

For out-of-town students who have worked with us in person already and are needing to follow up. Skype lessons are also useful for choreography coaching. Because our online availability is much more flexible, after purchasing using the link below, please message us directly to schedule your lesson.

Video Critiques 

Get coaching on your own time: Send in a <3min video of your social dancing, competition, or routine, and we will provide either a written or video feedback package within 1 week. Please email the links to the videos on YouTube or Dropbox, not the video file itself: Include in your email a mini-bio, including: your dance background, your dance goals, the purpose for the critique, and any specifics you’d like us to focus on. Please make your payment (below) before emailing.

LIVE, in Vancouver:

Studio Location: Broadway Ballroom, 1050 West Broadway at Oak. Free underground parking.


  • Please use our online booking system (below) to schedule your lesson – VANCOUVER ONLY.
  • If you are visiting Vancouver, contact us directly to make special condensed scheduling arrangements.
  • Consider our erratic travel schedule and plan in advance. See our Calendar.
  • Lessons are with one instructor at a time. Please contact us if you would like to request both of us.
  • Cancellation Policy: Please respect our time by giving us 24 hours notice should you need to reschedule your lesson. Except in the case of an emergency, you will be billed for the hour if you cancel within 24 hours of your lesson.
  • Packages are good for 6 months from date of purchase. All lessons must be completed within the 6 month period. After the expiry date, you can pay a $50 reactivation fee that lasts 2 months.  If you buy a package, use it!
  • Cash, cheque, and credit card (Square: 2.9% fee applies) accepted.
  • All prices are in Canadian dollars, GST will be charged upon checkout.
  • In Vancouver, if you are a new student and intend to purchase your lesson/package in person, a first time deposit ($50) is required.
  • New students: please email us directly to introduce yourself and your needs before your first lesson.
  • See FAQ’s below


Schedule with Myles:                      Schedule with Tessa:    


How to Pay

Pay your deposit or in full in advance online, or pay with cash, cheque or credit card in person, at the time of your lesson.

Referral Rewards

(Vancouver only) Refer a friend! Earn 5% credit when new students you referred purchase a private lesson package! It’s easy:

1. Register for our Affiliate Program.
2. Send your friend your custom referral link or just tell them to input your name at checkout.
3. Next time you purchase lessons, you have the option to use your credit at checkout.

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Private Lesson FAQ’s

Q: Do you work with Beginners?
A: Absolutely, frequently! There is no minimum skill level required to take a private lesson.

Q: Do you offer ProAm privates?
A: Yes, we are happy to teach a student with their regular teacher present.

Q: Does it matter which of you I work with?
A: Both of us are fine with leading and following. If you have a specific preference for followers’ styling, see Tessa. Leader’s styling, see Myles.

Q: What about parking?
A: Parking is free, under the building. Come up to the reception desk to get your student pass you need to display on your dashboard.

Q: Do I need to pay the deposit if I am paying online?
A: No. The deposit is only for new students who plan to pay in person.

Q: Do I need a dance dummy?
A: Dance “smarties” are always welcome and helpful, but not essential.

Q: My partner and I would like coaching on lifts. Who should we work with?
A: Ideally, both of us, for safety and accuracy. But if budget is an issue, Myles can coach solo.

Q: Oops! My package expired, and I still have a bunch of lessons left!
A: You can pay a $50 reactivation fee that gives you 2 months to use your remaining lessons.

Q: I’m visiting Vancouver for a week. Can I set up a bank of lessons in a row?
A: Absolutely! Contact us directly to arrange for times outside of our regular availability in order to accommodate your travel dates. Here’s a link to the hotel nearest the studio (2 blocks): Park Inn & Suites