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Do you want to find out exactly what it takes
to get the dance you've been craving?

If you are serious about dramatically improving your dance, and you are willing to work hard over the next few months, then we want to personally work with you and provide you with a fast track to success.

Find out exactly how in a live strategy session:

About your strategy session

During the session, we will:

► Create a sense of clarity about the WCS dancer you really want to be.

► Determine the #1 missing tool that would help you thrive.

► Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards your goals.

► Complete our "Accelerate Your Dance" Strategy Session with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the dance you truly want.

Discover what's possible

Our personalized training programs for dancers start with a diagnostic assessment to create a complete customized roadmap to reach your goals: prescribed action steps and assignments to enrichen your learning journey, and intense online coaching so you see faster results.

Here are some examples of some of the custom
programs we have designed for dancers like you:

  • Make More Finals

    for competitors of any level

  • Zero to Sixty

    for beginners who want it NOW

  • Roadmap to AllStar

    for advanced dancers

  • The Mastery Blueprint

    for those who are intrinsically motivated

  • Make Me More Musical & Magnetic

    for passionate social dancers

  • Awkward to Awesome

    for cool, confident solo movement

See what we can create for you by applying for a Strategy Session here:

Apply for an "Accelerate Your Dance" Strategy Session

"Thank you for the excellent guidance and insightful experience during the strategy session. With this new awareness and your practical guidance, I was able to implement some changes at a social dance that same evening. What a difference!"

Shannon Hood, California

"I just had my Teaching Impact Strategy Session with Tessa and our conversation was an eye-opener! Tessa was always able to target precisely where the main point of the problem was coming from, and it was often from some angle that I didn't imagine myself. I am much more confident already, especially now that I know I have such impressive professional support. It was also very helpful for me because it helped me understand that other teachers were facing same difficulties and that (regardless of my particular situation and location) there are solutions! Plus, I was able to ask all questions that I needed about the Swing Literacy Teacher Development Program. Tessa was super patient and allowed me to understand more clearly certain aspects of being a WCS teacher building my community. I highly recommend this Strategy Session!"

Jean-Marc Gerard, China

"The Accelerate Your Dance Strategy Session was great because it helped me realize I was not alone. It also confirmed some of my intuition about what was lacking in my learning process, which I wasn't sure if I was right about. It opened my eyes to the standard of practice required to make progress. And Tessa cared about me as a person beyond my dancing, she was simply a great person to talk to and learn from about life even within a brief chat. It was time well spent."

Nicole Liu, Australia

The Accelerate Your Dance Strategy Session was a great experience! It challenged me to think about and verbalize my motivations, goals, strengths, and challenges. It helped us develop a more concrete strategy and focus for my efforts going forward.

Maverick Cove, Canada

We are super excited that you are
serious about improving your dance, and willing to work hard
over the next few months to transform the way you learn to dance
and achieve the dance you've been craving!

Apply now and let’s get you on the Fast Track!

Apply for an "Accelerate Your Dance" Strategy Session

We look forward to working with you,

~Myles & Tessa

Myles & Tessa are internationally renowned WCS champions who help dancers transform their West Coast Swing to be more efficient, effective, and fun so they can have the dances they deserve.