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Interview with a Dance Photographer

File 2017-02-07, 12 55 29 PM

Dance event photographer, Brad Whelan (famous for his signature BW watermark) gives us the inside scoop on his photography and some hints for dancers to get their best moments captured. CC: Tell us about your photography business? BW: While I’m now based in Australia, I find myself in another country about 75% of the time. […]

Your Ideal Westie “Diet”


Before you get all scared, let me clarify: I’m referring to a diet of dance, not a diet of nutrition. This sadly misrepresented word is technically supposed to refer to a regular balance of fuel, not a short-term restriction of it. So, using the original intention of the word, ask yourself how your “dance diet” […]

How to Dig for Gold: The Untapped Value of Workshops


Does this sound familiar? “Workshops are all the same” “I don’t learn well in workshops” “Workshops are only for beginners” “Workshops are only for serious dancers” “I’ll never retain it all anyway” These are all reasons dancers give for why they can’t/don’t need to attend workshops. They sound valid on the surface, but are actually […]