7 Habits of Highly Effective Swing Dancers



We revised this video to reflect the constantly evolving techniques and styles of WCS. It is designed to augment your existing knowledge of Swing, regardless of your level or experience. Each habit was chosen as a key element in the most current and coveted WCS styles.

Habit #1 Footwork: Rolling, Walking and Sliding
Habit #2 Elasticity & Momentum: Stretch, Spring, Slingshot
Habit #3 Bodywork: Shaping, Groove and Contrabody
Habit #4 Turn Technique: Stationary, Pivot & Chaine Turns
Habit #5 Musicality: Phrasing and Swing Timing
Habit #6 Pattern Structure: Formulae for creating your own
Habit #7 Invitation Leads: The secret behind follower’s “play”

Recommended pre-requisite: West Coast Swing Starter Kit
Recommend next in series: Drivers Manual




This is just the beginning…

This video is a small piece of a massive puzzle. For a comprehensive online training program showing you all the pieces and how they fit together to accelerate and liberate your West Coast Swing, check this out:

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