EZ Does It wristband (pack of 12)




The “EZ Does It” Dance Etiquette Wristband is a wearable safety signal to your partners that you you need some TLC during social dancing. It serves as a reminder that not everyone is up for anything on the dance floor. This can be for a variety of reasons: skill level, comfort, injuries, or prevention of injuries, etc.

“Almost everyone has a past or current injury they are trying to protect. Go easy in the beginning and test them out first, or even better, get verbal agreement before trying things like dips and drops. Never assume that your partner has the flexibility, balance, or confidence to perform all your fancy tricks.” – Tessa Cunningham Munroe, The Ultimate WCS Etiquette Checklist

Created by Tish Rosevaar’s organization, “4TheLove…”, their hope is that the EZ DOES IT Wristband will open and welcome communication between partners beforehand to lessen the chance of creating or increasing injuries or embarrassing situations. We can never have too many reminders to be respectful with each dance partner – whether we lead, follow, or both.  See Tish’s Facebook group

This rubber wristband is intended to be worn on the right hand for followers and left hand for leaders.
(Side note: leaders should never wear event wristbands on their right wrist! This is harmful to follower’s armpits and clothing.)

Buy a pack for distribution or resale at your local studio or club. Suggested retail: $4 each.

Package contains 4 of each size:
Small = 7″
Medium = 7.5″
Large = 8″

Individual wristbands ($4) are only available from us in person.


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