Swing Literacy Teaching Practicum




This is the second module in the Swing Literacy Teacher Development Program, available only to trainees who have completed the Theory Module.

Certification is available upon successful completion of the Teaching Practicum.


Massive upgrades have been made to the Practicum, to make it more thorough in allowing teachers to practice applying their SLDM material with guidance and feedback. 2 major changes:

  • Projects are now accessible during the Theory Module, instead of waiting till the end.
  • Trainees can choose between a diverse set of projects to complete for course credit, which enables you to create your coursework according to your strengths and preferences.

New projects added to the menu:

  • Advanced Curriculum
  • Private Student Assessments
  • Inventory & Wisdom Audit
  • Live Instructional Coaching

Get more info about the Practicum here


Fund your SLDM via Referral Credit

If you cannot afford the above options, there is a way to earn credit to pay for your tuition, but this does delay your access. Details here.