Sensual Styling Secrets for Raw Beginners


Tess is known as one of the most sensual dancers in WCS. She taught sensual feminine movement workshops and coaching the “T’s Divas” women-only performance team, long before the PussyCat Dolls! Due to overwhelming demand, she has teamed up with Patty Vo, a Swing and Country Pro from California, to put their material on video. Tessa’s assertive, confident, sexy style is balanced well by Patty’s sultry, soft, demure style. The purpose of the video is to empower women of all ages and sizes to discover and express their sensuality through dance. It features a body isolations warmup, key sensual styling tips for all body types, efficient feminine walking techniques, and examples of combinations for practice and inspiration. This non-dance-specific DVD is perfect for ladies who need to start from scratch.