The 8th Habit: Secrets to Steering

Discover the connection technique that makes all the others finally make sense

  • Get a more complete, consistent connection that partners will love
  • Solve your confusion from conflicting messages about connection
  • Discover how to never get caught collapsing your frame
  • Stop getting lost in the middle of complex patterns
  • Drastically improve your precision of lead and follow

There's more to connection than elasticity.

West Coast Swing uses slingshot mechanics to generate momentum, and there is a science and an art to capitalizing on this mechanical advantage.

But once the follower has been launched and is in flight, the mechanical requirements change. There is a completely different set of connection tools needed to steer the follower through turns and lateral movement.

These steering tools are fundamental requiements for efficient movement, but they are not commonly taught in West Coast Swing classes. As a result, you might feel like no matter how hard you work on your connection, you still feel like there's something missing. 

Now is your chance to discover what's missing. 

The 8th Habit

Secrets to Steering

Full-length instructional video

How the 8th Habit can help your WCS

In this 60 minute instructional video, 

we will guide you through exercises to:

Feel instantly more connected and responsive

Both leaders and followers will feel an immediate difference in their connection, and have drills to practice and reliably apply theese techniques to their West Coast Swing.

Learn how to adapt to any partner at any level

Successful social dancers collect and refine their adaptation skills so they can thrive with any partner. The 8th Habit provides an invaluable set of skills to elevate your partner with better communication.

Improve your connection in other dance styles

Every student who trains in multiple dance styles has reported a noticeable improvement in their connection in their other dances after applying these secrets to steering.

Why the 8th Habit?

This video was originally recorded as a sequel to our wildly popular 7 Habits of Highly Effective Swing Dancers, which is a technical introduction to most of the fundamental movement skills for West Coast Swing.

But Steering was such an impactful fundamental technique that it warranted its own video.

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