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Teaching West Coast Swing
doesn't need to be a struggle!

There is a way to make teaching West Coast Swing
more efficient, effective, and fun,
so you can develop students' skills smarter, faster, and easier.

This universal game-changing method makes a profound difference in your WCS teaching
...regardless of your skill level
...regardless of your teaching experience
...regardless of your chosen style or philosophy. 

You can transform your students' learning TODAY.

As a teacher...

You love helping people fall in love with West Coast Swing.
You're doing your best to raise competent, confident dancers.
Seeing students progress is incredibly rewarding.

But you still struggle with:

  • Retaining students beyond their first series
  • Convincing students to practice
  • Confusion from conflicting advice
  • Getting students to appreciate technique
  • Inspiring & serving higher level dancers

As a teacher...

And you often wonder:

  • WCS is so complex - what should I teach first to give the students the best foundation?
  • What is the best way to teach basic patterns? What about beyond basics?
  • How can I cure their bad habits once and for all?
  • How can I teach the students so they learn to love WCS as much as I do?

As a teacher...

You are not alone! Many teachers struggle with these same issues.

(Never fear - Swing Literacy answers all of these questions and many more!)

Still, that's not the only problem:

As a teacher, you want to make it easy for your students to "get" West Coast Swing. You want them to level up as quickly as possible. But for some reason, many of your students are not improving as quickly as you’d like. They show up for classes, but they struggle to progress:

Ugh! We get it - having your students struggle to
develop their WCS is incredibly frustrating!

Learning WCS should be FUN and can be EASY!

And that is exactly why we created the SLDM...

We're on a mission to renovate and elevate
how dancers learn West Coast Swing

Introducing the

Swing Literacy Development Method

Way beyond a workshop... way beyond a theory...

A comprehensive program that delivers
a powerful, progressive, and most importantly, proven method to teach WCS
 solves your teaching frustrations and
rescues your students from their struggling... a Superhero!

How Swing Literacy is rescuing dancers from struggling

The Problem:

When we first started teaching WCS, we followed the model of our own (awesome) teachers, and didn't question if it was the best method - it was just the method we were used to. But something never felt right. Something was missing, and we felt there must be an easier way.

The Solution:

So we started borrowing pedagogical methods from Tessa's training in teaching school and coaching sports. We didn't change the WCS content. We just changed how we taught it, the sequence, and the emphasis. 

The Results:

Several years of research and testing proved that our evolving method was way more effective than the way we were taught, and way more fun for our students.

Students in group classes, workshops, and private lessons were improving faster AND having more fun learning!  We even used these methods to accelerate our own progress, launching us to Champion level in both improvisation and choreography competition.

We really wanted to share this method so everyone can enjoy the same results and help West Coast Swing grow strong and healthy around the world! So we codified the process so ANYONE can use it - no matter what level they are, no matter what style they prefer, they can keep the content of what they teach... but if they use this method to transform the way they teach it, they can rescue their students from unnecessary struggle!

After 10 years of training teachers in workshops worldwide, in 2014 we created an online training program to make this method accessible to all teachers, with or without access to us.

We train WCS teachers to #teachdancesmarter

Using a two-pronged approach of online study and interactive coaching, we created a comprehensive program that trains teachers how to take their existing content and wisdom and enhance it for better results. 


The SLDM Teacher Development Program trains you how to...


  • Teach the student not just how to dance, but *how to learn* how to dance
  • Prioritize skills over patterns and footwork to make learning easier and faster
  • Teach in a way that makes the students love and crave technique
  • Diagnose & treat missing skills to cure or prevent their bad habits
  • Attract and retain more students who want better results

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You can't get this kind of training anywhere else.

Unleash your teaching superpowers

We’ve consolidated and refined our 40+ years of experience and many thousands of dollars in teacher trainings
and tailored it to West Coast Swing to create a concentrated, powerful learning resource that will
permanently upgrade your teaching and dancing within days.

Right from the first chapter, you’ll feel a paradigm shift in your thinking about learning to dance.
After just a handful of hours, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of the dance,
and a powerful set of tools you can put to use immediately.

Monika Holub Monika Holub

After giving my students some of the core Swing Literacy skills, I noticed a dramatic difference in their quality of movement right away; and so did they! Their eyes were wide, and those 'aha moment' smiles ... The students were blown away by how differently the dance felt to them. I'm still getting messages this morning Talk about positive reinforcement as a teacher!

Jessica Wrape Jessica Wrape

When I started the Swing Literacy program, literally within the first week my students noticed a dramatic change in my teaching methods. Since finishing and implementing the SLDM, we are able to retain many more people and grow the dancers we already have. Our community probably doubled during the first few months of using the new program!

And that’s only the beginning…

While it will clearly improve your students, it will also improve your own dancing!

Jen Malcolm Jen Malcolm

Life before Swing Literacy was frustrating!!!  I was doing poorly in competition and was not exactly the most popular dancer on the social floor.  After 2-years of rarely making finals in Novice, I started working with Myles & Tessa.  I jumped from Novice to Advanced in just 1 year (6 events)!!

M&T's Swing Literacy system is brilliant.  I can see many more “Tessons” and “Mylestones” in my future."

Sam Jackson Sam Jackson

I immediately saw results after taking the SLDM. For the first time in my (substantial) dance experience, I had a coherent and structured approach to learning dance. I had gained knowledge and skills that I feel would have taken many years to develop by any other method. Each new topic in the SLDM felt like a revelation, impacting my classes, as well as my own dancing, significantly.

What is the Swing Literacy effect?


  • You teach your style with confidence, power, and ease to eager students who improve with velocity.
  • You can move forward each week because the student retain their skills you taught them last week.
  • Your classes are lively and responsive with students who are eager to volunteer answers and engage in partner feedback exchange.
  • Your Beginners are improving faster than the last generation did, and most decide to continue.
  • Your students have the skills to handle the new material you throw at them.
  • Your students are motivated to learn, asking for more technique and eager to practice.

  • Your students are happy to stay in your beginner class because they know they have to earn their advancement.
  • Your classes are fun and relaxed, with lots of student engagement and active practice.
  • You have more upper level students eager for your instruction, because they feel the difference it makes.
  • You can confidently troubleshoot and actually fix the students’ old, stubborn habits.
  • Your classes are thriving and there is demand to add more.
  • Your students are talking about you and your private lessons are sold out.

Even superheroes need coaches

Here are yours:

Myles Munroe

Myles brings a classical dance training background, 6 UCWDC World Championship titles, Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, golf and motorcycle racing to the table, and considers himself an eternal student of manipulating kinetics for sport and art.

Myles is so passionate about improving his craft, he literally has a tattoo that reads, “Technique prevents the body from limiting the soul’s expression”. His studies in all of these non-dance fields, along with being classically trained and studying the inner workings of over 60 different dances, are a huge part of what made it possible for him and Tessa to create the SLDM.

Tessa Cunningham Munroe

Tessa’s academic background started with competitive swimming, where she received National Coaching Certification, created a Coach Training Program, graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Kinesiology, and started an Olympic-track coaching career, all before returning to school to complete her Bachelor of Education

Tessa has been professionally practicing physical education, movement analysis, and pedagogy for the past 27 years, and this constant training in “how to teach” was the other huge factor that allowed Myles and Tessa to create such a powerful and effective program (SLDM).

As currently active, highly decorated WCS Champions and master teacher trainers, Myles and Tessa have traveled the world accumulating, studying, and analyzing a variety of teaching resources in order to narrow down the elements the most successful ones all have in common.  Myles and Tessa hunt for the best and worst methods available, analyze why they work (or don't), and diligently research and test any new methods against physical education best practices, to produce a current, curated, comprehensive collection. Through teaching thousands of group classes and private lessons, and a variety of workshops and intensives, they have already tested their methods on real students many thousands of times.

Swing Literacy is the product of all of this research and development.

“We are in the business of R&D for teaching West Coast Swing, and making Swing Literacy the gold standard for West Coast Swing teaching.” - Myles and Tessa

The clear curriculum and training program you've been looking for.

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Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll get from taking this course:

  • More efficient formula

    Have a more efficient formula to teach Beginners (no matter which WCS style you prefer) so they learn faster than with traditional methods.


  • Kick-start new dancers

    Be able to teach a brand-new dancer everything they need to survive their first social dance and get hooked enough to sign up for lessons – in 15 minutes! (see our proof below)

  • Unique skill development approach

    Teach the 14 Fundamental Movement Skills in fun and engaging ways that train your students to appreciate, love, and crave technique instead of whining for more patterns.

  • Get organized for success

    Design and execute lesson plans and series plans (for 1-month to 1-year) that build skills instead of emphasize patterns…so your students truly progress.

  • Help students level-up

    Implement clear measurement tools that allow you to motivate and progress students through your levels based on their skills, not their attendance record!

  • Powerful diagnostics

    Be able to troubleshoot 40+ common student errors to prescribe and implement the most effective improvement plan.

The Swing Literacy program for me was like a eureka moment, finally understanding what I had been missing. Having a path connecting the common ideas together, often in logical, causal ways, creating real understanding, gives a real level of confidence to build my dance on.  I couldn’t recommend this course more highly, to both existing teachers and students alike. The ideas and concepts in the material are so effective and make so much sense, one might wonder why this isn’t the standard for all. 

- Ian Manson

Swing Literacy in action

Do you think it's possible (in 15 minutes) to teach a brand-new beginner to:

  • start on a downbeat and stay on time
  • stretch and compress properly
  • steer the follower's frame properly
  • and do a Sugar Push, left and right side passes, inside turns, and a rough version of a whip?

If you aren't able or prefer not to watch the video, here's a brief synopsis:

This is one example of our famous “15-minute crash course”, which we have demonstrated live at several events in front of SLDM trainees and graduates. We take a brand-new dancer and ask them to help with an experiment. We tell them nothing in advance, except that no one is judging their dancing, the observers are just observing us and the effect our instructions have.

  1. Myles starts timing.
  2. We run our volunteer through the recommended progression of questions and exercises that is prescribed in this course.
  3. Myles checks his watch around the 15 minute mark.

By the time the experiment is over, our volunteers are able to start on a downbeat, stay on time, stretch and compress properly, steer the follower’s frame properly, and continuously do Left Side Pass, Under Arm Turn, Sugar Push, Sugar Tuck, Left Side Tuck, and sometimes a rough version of a Whip.

Their connection and elasticity consistently feels surprisingly good, and they are able to stay on time and not get distracted by their partner's footwork. We invite one of the observers to come up and test them out, and after dancing with them, they agree they feel better than most people who have been dancing for 6 months to a year.

Afterward, each volunteer was able to successfully survive social dancing on their own, leaving their partners impressed. Because they experienced immediate success, the dance seemed accessible and fun, which motivated each volunteer to follow up with either private lessons, workshops, or group classes immediately after their 15-min crash course.


When you take this course, you will learn this proven method so you too will be able to hook and book students with a simple 15 minute lesson.

Gyuri Dorko Gyuri Dorko

Pretty accurate description of the demo at Swingtzerland! I've danced with him in the party, pretty impressive, and most importantly he was truly enjoying the dance, smiling all the time 🙂 The 15 minute demo was pretty impressive, going with a pretty fast pace but it was not rushed at all.

Andree Mullings Andree Mullings

I never doubted Tessa and Myles, but it was very useful to see the Swing Literacy method in practice. I had an opportunity to dance with one volunteer during a dance party and the connection felt great, he was able to stay on time, and he was starting to experiment with turning. This approach to teaching WCS really inspires the student to want to learn more. Thank you for making learning and teaching WCS more accessible!

What's Inside:

Study the "why" and the "how"
to teach Swing Literacy

Theory Module

  • Online written coursework you can start anytime and complete at your own pace (43 lessons, ~30 hours)
  • Low-pressure assignments designed to be a sandbox for experimenting and coaching
  • Essential yet hard-to-find teaching pedagogy that is proven effective and motivating
  • Exactly what to skills to teach your students, in what order, and why
  • Easy-to-understand biomechanics and how to get students to crave technique
  • How to analyze movement to detect errors and actually help your students fix them

Get guidance to help you apply
Swing Literacy in your real teaching

Practicum Projects

  • Choose from a menu of interactive, flexible projects done remotely - anytime, anywhere
  • Video or Live Analysis of your teaching and syllabus/plans/assessments
  • Access to Teachers' Lab, a mini-internship inside the Swing Literacy Intensive
  • Customizable templates so you don’t have to guess or start from scratch
  • Advanced Curriculum to extend the SLDM to your higher level dancers
  • Feedback cycle with the coaches so you don’t have to figure out how to apply the SLDM on your own.


  • Access to a members-only Facebook group of SLDM trainees and graduates that we coach regularly
  • A massive resource vault with videos, documents, and templates you can access any time.
  • Swing Literacy Teacher Certification you can add to your resume, which will show you take your teaching seriously and make you more in demand.

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Alternate formats of the TDP

We take on select, dedicated teachers to work with one-on-one to transform their teaching and see results in their students fast.

This VIP version of the Teacher Development Program includes:

  • Efficient Advancement: Concentrate your effort, maintain your momentum, and get certified fast
  • 1 to 1 Coaching: Bi-weekly private teacher-coaching via Skype to get all your questions answered
  • Customized Approach: We adapt the program to be responsive to your learning needs and specific teaching situation

Based on demand, we occasionally offer the Teacher Development Program
as a group course on a fixed 12-week schedule.

This group format version of the Teacher Development Program includes

  • Coursework is delivered on a set schedule, the group meets regularly for online coaching sessions, and some assignments have deadlines. .
  • Ideal for studios or clubs with several teachers who want to enroll and progress through the program together. Single teachers are also welcome.

Find out which format is right for you

Take the first step:

Apply for a Teaching Impact Strategy Session, where we can answer your questions, assess your teaching goals and find out the best path to reach them.

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Prior to the SLDM program, we always wanted something more and knew that we lost people. Since finishing and implementing the SLDM, we are able to retain many more people and grow the dancers we already have. Our community probably doubled during the first few months of using the new program!

- Jessica Wrape

How much is a permanent upgrade in your teaching worth to you?

How much is it worth to make sure your students are no longer struggling
to improve but instead are thriving and loving their lessons?

How much did you spend on your own personal dancing at the last event?

What would it be worth if just 1 more student was coming to all your lessons and
raving about you to all the other dancers in your scene?
What about 5 more students? or 10?

I think the program is comparable to a university level course. I feel like I got a similar value from it as I did from the courses that I took during my Bachelor of Education program at university.

- Shannon Black

12 months from now, if your students look the same, how would you feel?

When is the right time to upgrade your teaching and
rescue your students from struggling?

The earlier you start, the better!

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