AllStar Apprenticeship

The AllStar Apprenticeship Program is a one-year agreement between Myles and Tessa and up to 4 successful applicants selected annually (deadline: Jan 15, 2017). It is designed to develop the skills of the career-oriented dancer to groom and guide their transition to becoming a well-rounded and well-respected West Coast Swing professional. During the course of the year from January 2017 to January 2018, we will work closely with select AllStars on a regular basis to provide personal, practical coaching and inservice experience in a variety of aspects of a career in West Coast Swing. For an overview of the value and application of mentorship programs in WCS, and FAQ’s about our mentorship approach, please read our blog article: Mentorship: The Missing Link.


  • Applicants must be in WSDC AllStar division, and over 16 years. If a junior dancer is selected, they must have a parent/guardian sign a waiver.


  • Must apply in writing (see below)
  • Must attend a minimum of 10 events over the course of 1 year, January to January, four (4) of which must be events we are attending. See our Calendar
  • Mentees must sign an agreement detailing expectations and conditions.

Duties & Expectations:

  • Act as our designated Teaching Assistant in our workshops at events, while enrolled in the SLDM
  • Dummy for private lessons and choreo as necessary
  • Up to one hour per month of administrative support work (travel booking, social media posting, photo editing, etc, depending on your skill set), upon request
  • Attend at least 3 workshops per event (30 total), verified by instructor’s sign off
  • Complete the SLDM Theory Module within the first 6 months of the year
  • Act in a professional manner at all times, both in person and online
  • Take initiative to request and schedule mentor services
  • Take any form of leadership in home dance community: teaching, hosting dances, djing, flashmob, event organization, promotion, education, etc.

Services provided:

  • Up to 10 private lessons, at least 4 live at events or as a sabbatical in Vancouver, or online via Skype
  • Live or video prebrief and debrief of your competitions, up to 6 comps
  • Two live or video reviews of your mock judging based on SLDM movement analysis
  • Three 30-minute non-dance coaching sessions live or online
  • Access to the Swing Literacy Development Method Teacher Development Program: Theory Module.
  • Invaluable teaching experience and teacher coaching, judge coaching, dance business consulting, and mentorship from veteran top Champion dancers and qualified teacher educators


$200/month, non-refundable.

How to apply:

Submit a letter of application (1 page):

  • Describe your background in dance, teaching, coaching, sports, music, and education.
  • Describe your aspirations in West Coast Swing and why you would make a good apprentice.
  • Describe your availability and commitment to WCS events in 2017.
  • Application deadline: January 15, 2017
  • Successful Apprentices will be notified by: January 19, 2017
  • Submit letter of application via email to:


For successful applicants only:

AllStar Apprenticeship Membership