SLDM Back Office

This page is exclusively for those who have completed the Theory Module. Please do not share the access password with anyone.

This is where you will be able to find registration for courses, updates to the syllabus materials, additional templates and worksheets, and FAQ’s about the SLDM training process.

Don’t forget you also have the resource of the Facebook group: Swing Literacy Teachers’ Lounge


Enjoy these files now:

Step Sequences for Basic Patterns
Class Observation
Peer Feedback Handout for Students
Code of Ethics

These files will be accessible once you start the Teaching Practicum:

Beginner Skill Progression Teaching Notes
Beginner FMS Rubric
Intermediate Skill Progression Teaching Notes
Lesson Plan


You’ve learned a lot, but good teachers are accountable and pursue ongoing professional development. How can you be sure you are accurately applying what you’ve learned? You need feedback on your teaching just as much as your students need feedback on their dancing. The Teaching Practicum includes ongoing coaching for the year you have to complete it. Don’t wait – the assignments are not sequential – they can be submitted at any time. Many of them do not require you to use your own class series as a reference. Get started now, when the material is fresh in your mind, and complete the lessons at your own pace, in any order.

The Teachers Lab is available to you at any time, via group or private lesson format. Group format is offered at select events, where it may or may not be integrated into the public Swing Literacy Intensive. To arrange for a private session of the Teachers Lab, please contact us directly.

Referral Rewards

Spread the knowledge and encourage your colleagues and peers to invest in their teacher education. By registering as an Affiliate, you earn 5% referral credit when you refer a friend and they sign up for the SLDM Theory Module.


New! Graduates can now identify themselves on the floor with these trendy statement shirts! The “Game Changer” slogan refers to how developing Swing Literacy changes the game of learning West Coast Swing. The logo on the back prompts dancers to ask about the program, opening up a discussion about what you learned, or how they can learn better.


Teaching Tools

Thera-Band 3-metre elastic band

iGadgitz Digital Tension Scale