SLDM Dancer Development Program

Coming 2018

Looking for an organized, comprehensive, intensive training program for your own West Coast Swing dancing?


The SLDM Dancer Development program is aimed specifically at experienced dancers who: 

  • consistently seek growth and personal knowledge
  • have a feeling there’s more to WCS than what they have learned
  • would like to accelerate their learning
  • appreciate the necessity of a strong foundation, and realize they are missing it
  • have no particular interest in teaching and are only interested in studying the dance


SLDM Dancer Development Certification

Dancers can work towards certification in the SLDM Dancer Development Program by accruing 3 credits: 1 credit for the live Swing Literacy Intensive, and 2 credits for the online Theory Module for Dancers. Order does not matter: we do not recommend “waiting” to try to do both activities simultaneously. Just do it!

The Swing Literacy Intensive (1 credit)

This is an OPEN, LIVE WORKSHOP offered at select conventions and workshop weekend. Anyone can attend; the only pre-requisite is familiarity with the basics. This is an active workshop that includes progressive skill building, drills, modifications, experiential learning, feedback exchange, and group work. Due to the nature of the content, level segregation is not required, so all levels learn together. Attendees will earn 1 credit toward their SLDM certification. This is not a teacher training workshop. Visit the event’s website for registration details. Interested in hosting an open-to-all Swing Literacy Intensive in your area? Contact us for details

The SLDM Theory Module for Dancers (2 credits)

This is an ONLINE E-LEARNING course you can start at home, now, and work through at your own pace. The content is roughly half of the SLDM Theory Module for Teachers, but the content focuses on dancer training, not teacher training. Inside this module are 19 lessons divided into 3 Units. Each unit contains several lessons, with quizzes required to progress to the next lesson. It is expected that students will spend 10+ hours to complete the module. Registrants will receive 2 credits towards their SLDM certification.


UNIT 1: Learning Theories

What WCS Needs
Bloom’s Taxonomy
Progressive Skill Development
Core Assumptions

UNIT 2: Skill Development

Skill Inventory
Fundamental Movement Skills
Techniques, Tactics, Strategies
Developmental Skill Progressions
Skill Refinement

UNIT 3: Skills of WCS

Techniques: Personal Movement Skills
Techniques: Partnership Movement Skills
Affective & Social Skills


There is a 3-month instalment payment option available on the product page.

What’s next?

After completing 3 credits of Dancer Development, If you are interested in continuing your development into Teacher Education, you would not need to start from scratch. Simply add on the second half of the Theory Module for Teachers (3 credits) for a total of 6 credits.