SLDM Teacher Development Program


What’s Inside

The SLDM Teacher Development Program is a two-pronged approach: Study and Application 
SLDM Teacher Certification is earned with 14 total credits. 


The Theory Module:

    • Online comprehensive study program you can complete at your own pace (43 lessons, ~15 hours)
    • 6 low-pressure assignments designed to be a sandbox for experimenting
    • Email feedback on assignments to help clarify your understanding
    • A resource vault with videos, documents, and templates you can access any time.
    • 6 credits

The Teaching Practicum:

    • Your choice of select independent projects in live teaching you can do at your own pace:
      • Video or Live Analysis of your teaching
      • Lesson Plan and Syllabus Reviews
      • Opportunities to assist in Swing Literacy Intensives
      • Observations and Case Studies
      • Community Initiatives
      • Private Lesson Assessments
      • Advanced Curriculum
    • Effective feedback cycle with us: [practice-reflect-feedback- revise] via email so you don’t have to figure out how to apply the SLDM on your own.
    • Organized, customizable templates so you don’t have to guess or start from scratch
    • 8 credits 


  • Access to a peer network of SLDM trainees and graduates (so you can bounce ideas off of other teachers with a similar understanding of teaching)
  • SLDM Teacher Certification you can put on your resume which will show you take your teaching seriously and make you more in demand


Get Started


Take on a new paradigm of teaching WCS

There are dozens of truly excellent teachers in our sport. But even the best teachers experience frustration and limits to how much they can help their students.

morebasicConsider that while you have been doing your best to provide your students the best methods you know….you may not be aware that even better methods exist. Consider that there’s stuff that’s more basic than basics (and even more critical) that you never got a chance to learn, which means your students can’t access it either. Consider that your current methods might work better if only your students had these prerequisite skills in place. Sometimes you need to go sideways in order to go forward!

Prepare to take on a new paradigm of teaching dance. Allow your favourite teaching methods to take a back seat while you try on something new. If you are already convinced that there must be a better way than the industry standard, sit back and enjoy – this is the affirmation and structure you have been searching for. 


The SLDM Teacher Development Program
is intended for:

New Teachers who: Experienced Teachers who:
  • want to start their teaching career wisely
  • have an instinct that traditional methods are insufficient
  • feel an obligation to future students who deserve quality instruction
  • are seeking to understand the dance better before teaching it
  • consistently seek professional development
  • are hoping to upgrade their skills
  • are looking for a better alternative to traditional methods of teaching dance
  • are wanting to build their student base by providing a better product


Topics at a glance

Self Analysis

Skill Development & Sequencing

Practical Anatomy and BioMechanics

Prescribed Syllabi for Levelled Classes

Community Citizenship

Lesson Planning and Series Planning

Mythbusters & Pitfalls of Teaching

Mentor Observation Skills

Risk Management

Teaching Techniques & Pedagogy

Giving Feedback/Critiquing

Assessment & Promotion

Teaching Techniques & Pedagogy

Class Management & Culture

Movement Analysis & Diagnostics



Frequently Asked Questions