SLDM Teacher Education Program

The Swing Literacy Development Method Teacher Education Program is intended for:

New Teachers who: Experienced Teachers who:
  • want to start their teaching career wisely
  • have an instinct that traditional methods are insufficient
  • feel an obligation to future students who deserve quality instruction
  • are seeking to understand the dance better before teaching it
  • consistently seek professional development
  • are hoping to upgrade their skills
  • are looking for a better alternative to traditional methods of teaching dance
  • are wanting to build their student base by providing a better product

The SLDM Program Model


The SLDM Teacher Education Program is divided into 3 parts, which in total take between 4 months and 1 year in total to complete. Click on each link below to learn more:



Online, interactive coursework open to anyone, available any time, work at your own pace.

Time to complete: 15+hours.
This is the bulk of the program.


Teachers’ Lab

Live session at select weekend dance events, available in Intensive or
private format.Included inside the Practicum.

Pre-Requisite: Theory Module. 



Guided independent assignments based on real
teaching experiences.

Pre-requisite: Theory Module.
Graduates have up to one year to complete the Teaching Practicum for full  SLDM Certification.




How much does it cost?
Why can’t I just do the Teachers’ Lab?
Can I just do the Theory Module if I’m not interested in teaching?
What kind of assignments and testing will I have to do?
Is it compatible with other teacher trainings?