SLDM Teacher Education Program

The Swing Literacy Development Method Teacher Education Program is intended for:

New Teachers who: Experienced Teachers who:
  • want to start their teaching career wisely
  • have an instinct that traditional methods are insufficient
  • feel an obligation to future students who deserve quality instruction
  • are seeking to understand the dance better before teaching it
  • consistently seek professional development
  • are hoping to upgrade their skills
  • are looking for a better alternative to traditional methods of teaching dance
  • are wanting to build their student base by providing a better product

The SLDM Program Model


The SLDM Teacher Education Program is divided into 2 parts, which in total take between 4 months and 1 year in total to complete. Click on each link below to learn more:



Online, interactive coursework open to anyone, available any time, work at your own pace.

Time to complete: 15+hours.
This is the bulk of the program.



Guided independent assignments based on real
teaching experiences.

Pre-requisite: Theory Module.
Graduates have up to one year to complete the Teaching Practicum for full  SLDM Certification.




How much does it cost?
I really want to enroll, but I can’t afford the tuition right now.
Can I still do it if I’m not interested in teaching?
What kind of assignments and testing will I have to do?
Is it compatible with other teacher trainings?
What makes the SLDM different from other teacher trainings?
Is this program just for new teachers, or would it be relevant to an experienced teacher?
Can I take the program if I have never taught before?
Can I take the program if I have no intention of teaching, but just want the education?
How long does it take to complete?
Can I do it offline?
Can I register with a partner? With a group of teachers from my studio?
What happens after the Theory Module?
Do I get a certificate as proof of training?
Can I just take the live Teachers’ Lab and skip the Theory Module?