Our values

What we are committed to

headshot1Inspiring people to learn and dance more
Dance is a life-changing art form. Is has all the benefits of training for a sport, but with the added element of self-expression, which is so desperately neglected these days.

Dedicating time and effort to raising the next generation of talent, and encouraging those who need and seek guidance.

Challenging ignorance about authentic West Coast Swing
Dispelling myths about the dance, both within and outside the dance community. Differentiating it from its predecesor, Lindy Hop, and the homonym, “Western”. The resource side of our website is dedicated to this commitment.

Being humble, approachable, compassionate and full of integrity
We try to live up to our Canadian reputation. We are committed to remembering our roots and not submitting to vices of celebrity, and to setting an example for future professional dancers.

Teaching beginners correctly from scratch
We do not believe that technique should be reserved for the advanced dancer. Technique is not scary: it is the key to WCS, and the sooner a novice dancer is exposed to it, the easier the dance will be to learn, and the more fun they will have. We share our extensive pedagogical training in the Swing Literacy Development Method teacher development program.

Making dancers feel great
In all arenas: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. We focus on the complete dancer and teach him as a whole. Dance is an activity that is very personal and intimate. We are sensitive to dancers’ needs for comfort, recognition, understanding, safety, enthusiasm, humour, freedom, power, and confidence.

Progressing the dance as an art form.
We are known for our outside-the-box choreography and cutting edge techniques. Our routines are a prime example. Our understanding of human movement allows us to take the dance in new directions, to a new depth few have reached. We are proponents of divergent thinking: diverging from the known or accepted to access new ideas.

Practicing student-centered teaching methods based in sound scientific principles
We refuse to teach anything simply because that’s the way we were taught. We analyze the scientific integrity of skills before passing them on to students. We stand for efficient ergonomic movement training in our workshops, videos, and private lessons. We also teach to the needs of the individual student and their learning style. Swing Literacy Development Method teacher development program.

Professional Development
“Once you stop learning, you stop being good.” It is the responsibility of every instructor to keep current in their skills and get coaching or extra training in the dance so that they can pass on the highest quality instruction possible.

Supporting local West Coast Swing instructors
Since they are the grassroots of the dance world, we try to contribute to their development and support their efforts. We built a website dedicated to helping them promote their business. We offer teacher inservices, mentorships, videos and private lessons for them and their students to boost their professional development.

CanadianSwingChampionships2Representing Canada internationally
Putting Canada on the map in the dance world, we are proud to travel to different countries and share a part of our culture with them in a performance or workshop setting. We are also proud to represent and serve as a role model for International dancers in the American-based circuit. See our tour calendar.

Contributing to local and global communities
Growing the dance community at the local level and progressing the level of the dancers. Globally raising awareness and promoting this amazing dance

Entertaining audiences
Both of us live for the stage. To entertain, to affect, to evoke emotion from audiences is our honour and greatest pleasure.

Being spokesmodels and ambassadors for West Coast Swing
Being young, expressive, educated, kindhearted and outspoken, we embrace our unique roles as spokesmodels for this dance in every arena. We embody the spirit of social dancing: we social dance all night, we dance with beginners, we promote etiquette and thoughtfulness, and we reach out to expose the dance to anyone who will listen!