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What’s New in 2019?

You might have noticed the Swing Literacy programs have gotten a major facelift in 2018, making it easier for WCS dancers to understand what we do and why it will make such a big difference in their dance.

Here’s a list of the updates we added this year:

2019 Updates

Program Module Updates
Teacher Development Program

Theory Module for Teachers
  • All relevant M&T instructional videos are now included and downloadable
  • Practicum projects now get unlocked concurrently as you progress through the Theory Module.
  • Massive & detailed program outline mindmap (Module intro page)
  • 6 Pillars of WCS Teaching (Lesson 1.1)
  • Specific skill progressions & prescribed drills for every fundamental WCS skill (Unit 3)
  • Troubleshooting & diagnostics of common student errors (Unit 4)
  • Cause & effect chart for every WCS fundamental skill (Unit 3)
  • 10 more teaching traps to watch out for (Unit 4)
  • How to respond to common questions students will ask (throughout)
  • Momentum refinements including: 3 types of boings, pre-leading, and new drills & progressions (Unit 3)
  • How to organize your patterns so that students can remember them (Unit 3)
  • How to analyze and vet any technique before you teach it (Unit 3)
  • Lesson plan critique example (Unit 4)
  • How to “sell” your methods to your students (Unit 4)
  • Community citizenships “sins” (Unit 6)
  • How to organize a WCS workshop (Unit 6)
Teaching Practicum
  • Projects are now accessible during the Theory Module, instead of waiting till the end.
  • New project option: Advanced Curriculum
  • New project option: Private Student Assessments
  • New project option: Inventory & Wisdom Audit
  • New project option: Live Instructional Coaching
  • Massive resource vault with templates, examples, and resources you can edit & print
  • Certification available
Fast Track for Teachers

VIP version of the TDP, which includes 6-months of Fast Track coaching

Certification available


*NEW* Dancer Development Program


Theory Module for Dancers 20 hours of multimedia online coursework. 50% overlap with TDP: additional Units on Music Skills, Pattern Skills, and Social Dance Skills
Fast Track for Dancers

VIP version of the DDP, which includes 6 months of Fast Track coaching

Certification available




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