Corporate Events

Dancing – the original form of interactive entertainment!
Want to do something different for your company party?
How about a team building exercise for your coporate training session?

Myles and Tessa and their associates are available as entertainment for your function. They can provide either a group dance lesson or a performance, or a combination of both, in a variety of partner dance styles.

Past clients have found that adding a dance element to their company event served to:

Break the ice
Get people mingling
Energize the group
Kick off the open dancing
Equalize the demographics
Add activity without going outside

And it sure beats a slide show!

Print-ready Bio (for events other than dance conventions)
Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham are Canada’s top West Coast Swing couple, currently ranked top 5 in the world! Based in Vancouver, they travel internationally, teaching, competing, performing, coaching, and judging at dance events across the globe. They are fiercely committed to creating awareness of this evolved and expressive form of Swing. Known for their creativity and innovative style in both improvised and choreographed competition, Myles & Tessa push the boundaries of the art and sport of West Coast Swing.

Spoken Introduction Options:
Option 1.If you can’t get enough of “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With The Stars”, you are going to love our next performance. We are lucky enough tonight to have his fellow Swing competitors with us to perform for you. They are Canada’s West Coast Swing Champions, please welcome, Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham!

Option 2. We have a special treat for you now. These talented Vancouver dancers are Canada’s West Coast Swing Champions, competing and performing on the international Swing circuit. Here to show you the latest evolution in Swing dance, please welcome, Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham!

Performance Options:
All performances are approximately 3 minutes each. 2-5 minutes for rest and costume change is required between performances.

West Coast Swing Choreography: This is a 3 minute costumed R&B/Blues/Funk inspired piece which we compete with on the international circuit. It is athletic and take-your-breath away exciting.

West Coast Swing Improvisation: Often mistaken for choreography, this 2-3 minute routine is customizable according to the event: it can be smooth and sultry, intricate and bluesy, or funky and contemporary.

Vintage Swing: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, and Jive are a few of the options available for a 1920s-1950‘s theme party. These dances are easy and accessible – perfect for a “taster” group lesson.

NightClub 2Step: Slow, romantic but contemporary dance suitable for nightclubs and weddings. More sophisticated than your average “slow dance” but without the stuffiness of Waltz.

Adagio: This routine is a tearjerker: beautiful and sad, elegant and emotional. Full of acrobatic lifts and lyrical jazz content.

Disco/Hustle: A blast from the past! We are the only professional couple in Vancouver performing the “Street Hustle” dance as seen in “Saturday Night Fever.” This can also be taught as a mini group lesson.

Please contact us directly to customize your dancing entertainment!