WCS compared to other dances

Dance Family Origin Difficulty Music Technique Emphasis Style Fashion
West Coast Swing Descendant of Lindy Hop California, USA 1940’s High R&B, Blues, Pop, Funk, etc. Popular music from each decade Linear, Elastic Action-Reaction, Balanced conversation, Walks & Triple steps Dynamic, Funky, Sexy, Groove Trendy-Classy What you would wear to a night club. Low heels or trendy flats.
Lindy Hop The original Swing dance New York, USA 1920’s Medium-High 1920’s-1950’s jazz, blues & big band Circular, Low, Leveraged, Original Jazz Footwork, Rocksteps & Triple steps Fast, Casual, Carefree, Athletic Some very casual, some dress in 1940’s theme costumes
East Coast Swing Descendant of Lindy Hop North America 1950’s Low Old-time rock & roll, big band, rockabilly Diluted Lindy Hop Lilt/Bounce Rocksteps & Triple Steps Bouncy, Casual, Easy Same as Lindy Hop
Shag Cousin of Lindy Hop SouthEast USA 1920’s Medium Beach Music, Blues Linear, Intricate footwork, Features the man, Rocksteps & Triples steps Smooth, floating, contained Casual. Sandals are common
Hand Dancing Decendant of Lindy Hop NorthEast USA 1950’s Medium R&B, Funk, Blues Linear, Body Isolations, Tandem movements Spins & Hand Changes Funky, Soulful, Fast, Sexy Same as WCS
Jive Descendant of Lindy Hop North America 1950’s High Big Band, Rockabilly Circular, High Knees, Vertical pulse, Rocksteps & Triple steps Bouncy, Fast Precise, Aggressive More dressy More ladies wear skirts & heels
Ceroc/Modern Jive Descendant of Lindy Hop France, UK 1980’s Low Pop, Dance, R&B Circular, Single Steps, Simple Patterns Fast, Smooth, Dips & Tricks Same as WCS
Salsa Latin Street dance Central/South America. Current form: 1960’s Low Latin, Mambo, Salsa Circular Cuban Motion (hips) Triple Steps, Spins & Hand changes Fast, Sexy, Dips & Tricks Dressy-Casual More ladies wear skirts & heels
Country Western Collection of borrowed dances North America 1980’s depends on the dance Country Western Patterns and lines, less on musical interpretation & groove Cute, Pose-y, variable levels of technique Some casual, some dress in mild Western attire
Blues Cousin of Lindy Hop America 1900s (debatable) Low Slow Blues, Soul, Funk, Jazz Known as the Lindy Hopper’s slow dance. Lead-follow focused. Unregimented. Some vintage movement. Controversial. Visceral, dynamic, slow, musical. Very casual
Zouk South American Street dance Central, South America Medium Lambada, Reggae, R&B Circular. Spins and turns, Body rolling and hair/head rolling. Latin, slow, sensual, relaxed. Like Salsa