Dancer Development FAQ




Theory Module for Dancers

Is this program just for newer dancers, or would it be relevant to a seasoned competitor?

The SLDM is incredibly relevant to experienced dancers. Regardless of your past education, it is a unique method that requires training to understand and put into practice. Your years of experience might make you quicker at learning it, and doesn’t exclude you from getting an immense value from the training, because the content but is not redundant. You would be surprised how much of your dance is simply “surviving” when it could be “thriving”.

Can I take the program if I have no intention of teaching, but just want the education?

Absolutely! The Theory Module is an excellent way to reassess and rebuild your WCS foundations for your own personal dancing. Nothing replaces live feedback, though, which is why we offer the Fast Track Coaching version, which includes the Theory Module plus weekly coaching and augmented content.

How much overlap is there with the Theory Module for Teachers?

The first 3 Units are the same, but the language is aimed at dancers instead of teachers. The final 3 Units of the Theory Module for Teachers are pedagogy-based (planning, assessment, teaching skills, and dance business skills), whereas the final 3 Units of the Theory Module for Dancers expand on music skills, pattern skills, and social dance survival.  

How long does it take to complete?

It depends on how focused and motivated you are. The Theory Module takes about 25 hours. But this cannot be done in one sitting. There are 6 Units with 4-6 Lessons each. Each lesson might take 10-30 minutes to work through, some with a short quiz at the end.  

What kind of assignments and testing will I have to do?

In the Theory Module, all of your coursework is online, inside this website. You will be able to progress at your own pace, and return to re-read material. Each lesson requires you to answer a few multiple choice questions in order to access the next lesson. There is no final exam.

Can I do it offline?

No: The Theory Module takes advantage of the power of an online course. It includes videos, images, article links, and interactive quizzes to create a more thorough and balanced learning experience than simply reading a manual.

Can I register with a partner? With a group of teachers from my studio?

There are discounts when you register with a partner or group, yes. But each person takes their course independently, like a university course.

What happens after the Theory Module?

First, you receive 2 credits toward your Swing Literacy Dancer certification. You can earn the final credit and earn your certificate either by attending a Swing Literacy Intensive or by completing the Fast Track program.


Swing Literacy Intensive

What topics do you cover?

A: All the Fundamental Movement Skills for West Coast Swing that are severely neglected in the vast majority of classes and workshops. 2 versions: 3 hours and 10 hours.

I want to wait for an Intensive before starting the Theory Module so I can concentrate my learning.

Don’t do that. The Swing Literacy Intensive is simply the kinesthetic experience of the Theory Module. The Theory Module is an exceptionally powerful learning tool all on its own, your dancing and teaching will improve exponentially after taking it alone. The Intensive will then serve as reinforcement and an opportunity for clarification.

How can I access the Intensive if I live overseas?

If you would really like an Intensive in your area for yourself and your community, have your local event promoters contact us to schedule.