Accelerate-Your-Dance Strategy Session


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If you are serious about dramatically improving your West Coast Swing, and you are willing to work hard over the next few months, then we want to personally work with you and provide you with a fast track to success.

The Fast Track version of the Dancer Development Program starts with a diagnostic assessment to create a complete personalized roadmap to reach your goals: prescribed action steps and assignments to enrichen your Program, and intense online coaching so you see faster results.


During the Strategy Session, we will:

► Create a sense of clarity about the dancer you really want to be

► Determine the #1 missing tool that would help you thrive

► Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards your goals

► Complete your Accelerate-Your-Dance Strategy Session with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the dance you truly want


Apply now, so you can book your Accelerate-Your-Dance Strategy Session as early as the next few days!

*The Strategy Session fee can be considered a deposit applied to your tuition if you follow through with registering in the Dancer Development Program within 30 days.

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