Tuition Assistance


Installment Payments

Pay your SLDM Theory Module tuition in installments over 3 months. Details listed on the product page before checkout here.


Earn credit to pay for your SLDM tuition

By registering as an “Affiliate”, when customers you refer click on your customized referral link or mention your name at checkout to purchase certain products or courses, you will get a referral commission:

Examples of some referral fees you earn:

  • Deck of Drills: $20 per deck
  • Swing Literacy Teacher Development Program: $195
  • Swing Literacy Dancer Development Fast Track: $600

On the Affiliate Area page, you will be able to view your referrals and track your accumulating credit.

Once you accumulate enough credit, you can use your referral credit to apply towards paying for your Swing Literacy tuition at checkout.


Register as an Affiliate