“got play?” Followers’ Liberation for WCS: Beginner


“Beginners” refers to beginner STYLING, not beginner DANCING. You should start with this DVD even if you are en experienced dancer.

So you are comfortable with your basic WCS techniques and patterns and you are ready to add a little style to your dance? This video is full of ideas and skills to help you get started, and contains the context and movement vocabulary necessary to understand the Intermediate and Advanced dvds. The Theory section explains several essential distinctions required for play, featured “Groove” and “Hijack”. The Technical section breaks down new skills featuring “Lower Body rhythms & Isolations”. The Practical section offers several applications of skills for each basic figure. Special emphasis is on Anchor and Pass variations.



This is just the beginning…

This video is a small piece of a massive puzzle. For a comprehensive online training program showing you all the pieces and how they fit together to accelerate and liberate your West Coast Swing, check this out:

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