Drivers’ Manual: Critical Techniques for Authentic Lead & Follow


Wondering why after spending hundreds or thousands on dance lessons you still are struggling with WCS? This video is an epiphany in a box. It’s the stuff your teachers usually can’t fit into their weekly classes, the stuff that makes all your moves actually work! These key elements of the newest technology of the dance are guaranteed to cause breakthroughs in your dancing. Period. We are confident that you will exponentially benefit from this video.

Pre-requisite: West Coast Swing Starter Kit
Recommended co-requisite / next in series: 7 Habits of HIghly Effective Swing Dancers




This is just the beginning…

This video is a small piece of a massive puzzle. For a comprehensive online training program showing you all the pieces and how they fit together to accelerate and liberate your West Coast Swing, check this out:

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