Synergy Skills: Puppetteering Techniques for Blues and WCS


The ultimate goal of connection magic! One of our most popular workshop titles, because it is a topic that is so rarlely taught but so vital to both West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop. “Blues” refers to “Blues dancing”, the pattern-less slow dance descended from Lindy Hop, but the SKILLS apply to all types of music. This video breaks down specific puppeteering techniques for connecting with your partner on a profoundly deeper level than you thought was possible. It also provides explanation and inspiration for how to illustrate the music with your partner. Deeper connection to the music and your partner equals dance euphoria!

Recommended pre-requisite: Drivers’ Manual.
Recommended next in the series: Lyrical vs Rhythmic Movement




This is just the beginning…

This video is a small piece of a massive puzzle. For a comprehensive online training program showing you all the pieces and how they fit together to accelerate and liberate your West Coast Swing, check this out:

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